Arwaa Adnan

Kristy Abel

Burnsview Secondary

Delta, BC

Arwaa is an exceptional young woman who has overcome much adversity in the course of her life. As a member of the Pakistani and Muslim communities, she often helps other youth learn about their culture and teaches them to self-advocate for their needs by setting an example for them. Recently, she demonstrated this advocacy when she stuck up for her community to create accommodations during religious events. When she found out that one of her important graduation events was happening during Ramadan, she took the time and courage to petition school adminstration for accommodations to be made. She ended up convincing the school to postpone the date of the graduation event so every student could fully participate in these cherished events.

I fully believe Arwaa makes a positive difference in her community, continuing to better the lives of the people around her by helping others deal with their issues and concerns. Whether it be emotional struggles or academic struggles, she always finds a way to help her peers. She is an empathetic and open person, who is quick to help others with their needs and issues. She strives to make every single day a positive experience for people in her life and puts a smile on people's faces even when they are faced with adversity.

Arwaa insists on studying Chemistry at university, even though I keep trying to steer her towards Psychology. She's a natural.