Bianca Morelli

Caroline Kassabian

Bishop Allen Academy

Toronto, ON

I am pleased to be given the opportunity to support Bianca Morelli and nominate her for the Trevor H. Shirtliff Difference Maker Schloarship. I have known Bianca for the last three plus years in my capacity as guidance counselor at Bishop Allen Academy and I feel that I would be able to offer some insights into her character and abilities to lead.

Bianca is a very strong student who has been able to achieve high marks in all subject areas, many of which are being taught at the Advance Placement Level. In particular, Bianca has done very well in the areas of social studies. Her well-developed critical thinking skills, together with her strong work ethic, make Bianca a very successful student and as well capable leader.

I had the pleasure to observe Bianca ' s drive to get involved in Legislative Page Program, Model Parliament or Model United Nations at Bishop Allen Academy, she proved to be an intelligent and mature young woman.