Brooke Lebersback

Nicole Strandlund

Greenall High School

Balgonie, SK

Brooke is an inspiring young woman that demonstrates leadership, creativity and compassion in all of her actions. Brooke is an excellent academic student and consistently produces assignments of the highest caliber. Brooke works hard to develop skill, technique and process in all of her courses. She demonstrates a mature and critical understanding of complex topics, including Canadian History and Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Brooke is always kind, respectful and considerate in all of her interactions with students and staff alike. In this challenging year Brooke has contained to maintain high academic standards and achievement. In particular, Brooke has had shown excellence in visual arts courses, earning an academic award. She has received great distinction on the honour roll (90% + average) for the 2019-2020 school year.

Additionally, Brooke also demonstrates leadership and commitment to a better world. This year Brooke initiated a social media campaign and online contest that promoted education and gratitude in regards to International Women's Day. She created an online nomination forum for students and staff to highlight inspiring women in their lives and she facilitated the week-long program. She used social media creating educational posts on women both locally and globally, and organized prizes.

Brooke is an excellent candidate for the Trevor H. Shirtliff Difference Maker Scholarship as she is already a Difference Maker, and I know she will continue to be!