Catherine Diyakonov

Jelena Radic

Lord Byng Secondary

Vancouver, BC

It is with great pleasure that I nominate Catherine Diyakonov for the Trevor H. Shirtliff Difference Maker Scholarship. In my three years of working with her, she has demonstrated the qualities necessary for nomination for this scholarship. She has distinguished herself in both her academic and artistic pursuits, as well as a leader in the school and community. Catherine has been a truly exceptional student that I have encountered in my over twenty-year career as a Secondary School Counsellor. She excels academically, being an extremely intelligent student, and having above 90% grade average consistently during high school years. Catherine demonstrates commitment to her education and works hard to achieve her goals. For example, she was enrolled in Pre-Calculus 11 class while in grade 9 and finished high school Calculus 12 class in grade 11. Catherine was also a year ahead of her class in Chemistry and French. She is the section leader in our school's Senior Wind Ensemble, playing the flute and piccolo. Catherine is a respected leader who is known among her peers as ready to tackle any challenge with a sincere and positive attitude. She is the Founder and President of Girls Will Stay Initiative, a flourishing international organization which helps girls on local and international levels gain shelter, education and provide hygiene supplies. Catherine is also the Captain of the First Responders Team. Lastly, she has been Student Council executive member since grade 8. This year, Catherine was elected our Student Council president by the entire student body. Outside school, Catherine co-chaired our local Constituency Youth Council. She possesses the maturity, integrity and independence that is rarely seen among her peers. Catherine is a well-rounded, mature and grounded individual who balances her time well between being an academically outstanding student and an avid volunteer. She is truly remarkable and amazing young woman, which is the reason I am nominating her for your award.