CBO - Fall 2021

Meet The Recruiter: Bridget Gustafson, Dakota College at Bottineau

I was fortunate to grow up between Canada and the United States since I was a little girl. I went to high school in Killarney, MB and after graduation I attended Brandon University. I moved permanently to the US, where my parents live, in 2005. I earned a Bachelor of Arts with a major in English from BU, and subsequently double majored in Sociology from Minot State University, with a minor in Criminal Justice. 

During my last year at BU, I had a memorable experience. I was in the library with a group, working on a project for Modern Sociological Theory. After we finished that day, we sat around and were visiting about a wide range of subjects. Many topics were considered controversial. We shared personal experiences, facts and information. We had an open and honest debate, free of negativity; true discourse. Over the course of our group conversation, other students in the library would overhear and ask if they could join us. By the end of the night our table was full, and we had the most enjoyable evening discussion. I realized then that ‘this is what it’s all about’. That was the ultimate University experience. I realized that was why I was there. I was there to learn, to expand my education, not just through courses but through open discourse with my peers and instructors. I was there to broaden my knowledge, to ask questions, to offer challenges, and to always be open to learning more. When I accepted a position at Dakota College at Bottineau this memory came to mind. I hope I can help students make memories like I had. I enjoyed my education and enjoy watching our students achieve success.  

I love to travel. Over the past few years I have been lucky enough to travel to countries in Europe and Central America and immerse myself in their culture. I live on a ranch where my family raises performance horses and I have a cow dog that I spend all my free time with. In the fall I leave work early to go hunting, and in the summer months I sneak out to spend time on the lake with family.  

At Dakota College I hold several roles. A portion of my time is spent recruiting new students and helping them with admissions. I am also the Director of Student Life. I help plan activities and events on campus and aim to promote a positive and inclusive environment for all of our students. I want our students to have a great higher ed experience every step of the way; from recruitment to graduation! At DCB we are a small-town college with friendly faculty and staff who are invested in the success of our students. We have students from all over the world attend our institution, creating a truly fun and diverse atmosphere.