CBO - Spring 2020 Dog Days of Summer Article

The Dog Days of Summer

Many Canadian high school students take advantage of the summer vacation time to enhance their academic resumes. Deciding to enroll in a college south of the 49th parallel is an appealing option.

Professional opportunities for graduates are becoming more attractive on a global level and therefore, the need to have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the diverse culture by country is required.

For many students trying to identify for example, their top “3” list of U.S study destinations, the process can be overwhelming. Attending pre-college summer programs provide clarity of where they are best suited, most comfortable and more importantly enable them to feel confident in their final choice.

Thousands of students make the decision to spend a few weeks of their summer at a school they may be considering full-time enrollment in as a way of becoming familiar with the school, it’s culture and environment and the general lifestyle of the locale.

Whether it involves a travel time that consists of 2-hour drive, or a quick flight landing in a neighbouring time zone, these programs offer students the excitement of studying abroad while still having the comfort of being close to home.

Most schools have a variety of options and course costs/schedules can be found on their website. We’re highlighting a few here that welcome Canadian students!