CBO - Summer 2017

Student Spotlight: Marieve Edwards

Photos Courtesy of The University of Charleston

Hi, I’m Marieve Edwards, a proud graduate of UC’s undergraduate and MBA programs. First, let me say I’m also a proud Canadian from the Toronto suburbs, which is less than an eight hour drive from Charleston. Being accustomed to the large metropolis of Toronto, moving to Charleston was somewhat of a shock my first year. However, I soon became enthralled with the program and campus at UC and the kindness and compassion of the professors and students I have come to know. Class sizes are small and intimate which encourages students to get to know one another and allows professors to focus on you as an individual.  One of the major complaints from my friends at larger universities is the anonymity and impersonal atmosphere they often feel. This is definitely not the case at UC. The professors go out of their way to ensure you succeed!

My story began when I was seeking a reputable university that would offer me a solid educational foundation as well as the opportunity to continue my love of tennis. I visited several schools but upon meeting the women’s tennis coach and the girls on the team I had no hesitation that this was the place I wanted to be. My scholarship certainly offered financial ease for my family however UC goes out of their way to help students with financial assistance. Our Ontario bursary known as OSAP is also applicable. Therefore, not only was my education cost effective but the amount was not much more than if I had remained in Canada. It also allowed me a new adventure in a city that offers beautiful vistas such as the forests and hills and the Kanawha River running the length of the city.

I loved my undergrad experience so much that I decided to stay and complete the MBA program. Once again, I met professors who were supportive and interested in my success and I feel they are significantly responsible for expanding my knowledge, self-confidence and motivation. With the help of my mentors and the university, the program found me a wonderful work placement to help with tuition. The program also included a 10 day trip to Spain to acquire international business knowledge! It was a trip of a lifetime as the itinerary focused not only on teaching us the economics of the country but it gave us time to sight see and to cement friendships with fellow students. In past years the program has taken students to places such as Brazil and China. Although travel has always been a part of my life, I consider this a gift as the cost was already factored into the cost of my education.

I believe the majority of students here feel like they belong to a family and a community. We all arrived as individuals not knowing anyone yet before long, friendships form and new relationships become an integral part of your life. Part of the beauty of UC is the vast international population which promotes a certain “joie de vivre” on campus. I have met so many wonderful individuals from all over the world and now have friends to visit everywhere when I am ready to embark on new travel adventures. There is always an athletic event happening at the school which also brings everyone together. The purpose of education has many elements apart from earning a degree. There are essential components such as social awareness and our moral and conscious obligation to be a productive member of society. My journey still continues to grow and unfold but I can truthfully say that I have been given the right tools to be successful. It is with much gratitude I thank the professors and staff at UC for such wonderful, unforgettable experiences!

Photos Courtesy of The University of Charleston