CBO - Summer 2017

The U.S. College Expo

A Q&A with Prepskills CEO, Joanna Severino

“It’s really my passion to ensure that students find their passion. That’s really the greatest gift I can give to students.”

Joanna Severino, CEO of the US College Expo.

What is the U.S. College Expo?

Making stops to Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Toronto, the US College Expo is a free one-day event that allows students and their families to connect with US college representatives.

Who should attend the Expo?

High School counselors will find the information here invaluable back on campus, but it doesn’t matter if you’re a high school counselor, a student, an athlete, or a parent, the US College Expo is here to educate and inform everyone.

What can attendees expect to learn from the U.S. College Expo?

Attendees will hear from insightful guest speakers – this years’ keynote speaker is NCAA Associate Director, Ashley Thornburg.  She will be speaking about the NCAA admissions requirements and will be providing answers to key questions about playing for a US college. 

US College Expo cares about the success of students. For Canadian students, it’s more difficult to be aware of the US college options available unless crucial time is taken to properly research and find out the right information. That is why the US College Expo’s goal is to support and inform Canadian students about the numerous colleges and universities America has to offer.

Attendees will also have access to financial advisors and government officials who can provide information about scholarships, loans and financing.

With the current political landscape, should Canadians be concerned about attending a U.S. College?

The expo wants to show the public that schools in America are still safe, accepting and a great option for Canadian students.  They offer outstanding education and have some of the best college sports teams in the world.  Many of the colleges are actively recruiting athletes and club members.  The Expo gives students a great opportunity to get all their questions answered in person by the respected school representatives. 

How far in advance should families and students plan to attend the Expo?

The Expo dates are only a month away, so plan to attend now.  Though this is a free, public, and educational event, registration is limited.

Exclusively to Counselors, Athletic Directors and Coaches attending the Toronto or Vancouver Expos is a separate Counselor Day Event, that will provide more intimate interaction with our speakers and college representatives.  To register and receive this special event access, visit http://uscollegeexpo.com/networking-event-counsellorsathletic-directorscoaches .