CBO - Winter 2019

Student Spotlight: Leanne Gallant

“After visiting Husson’s campus for the first time,” says Leanne Gallant, “I knew this was where I was meant to be.” Photo credit: Leanne Gallant

Hello, I’m Leanne Gallant, a graduate of Husson University’s Doctor of Pharmacy program. I am from a small town in New Brunswick, Canada, which is approximately a two-hour drive from Husson University’s Bangor campus. When I began researching universities in both Canada and the US that offer a doctor of pharmacy degree, I quickly realized that my options were limited in Canada. The two closest universities were in Ontario, which is 14 hours away from my hometown, or Newfoundland, a 23-hour drive away plus a ferryboat ride.

Initially, the location of Husson piqued my attention. I wanted to be the shortest distance from my family and my boyfriend’s (now soon to be husband’s) family. After visiting Husson’s campus for the first time, I knew this was where I was meant to be. The city was small enough so that I didn’t feel overwhelmed, yet large enough to keep me entertained during evenings and weekends. I didn’t have to worry about trying to find my classes, as the pharmacy department is all in one building. The small-sized classes allowed us to grow as individuals and the one-on-one attention offered by our pharmacy faculty gave me confidence in the material covered, an advantage fresh into practice. The professors pushed me beyond my comfort zone and supported me until I succeeded. If I had a question, or wanted more in-depth information on a topic, or asked for a different teaching technique, there was never a hesitation for the faculty to meet that need. The level of knowledge of the pharmacy faculty is astounding. This motivated me to work harder, study more, and ensured that I was on the right path to have that wealth of knowledge after graduation.

The summer after graduation I scheduled my licensing exams in both Canada and the US, and the respective law exams in each province and state I planned to work in. This was a total of five rigorous exams in two months. I can proudly say I am a licensed pharmacist in two countries! I work full-time in Maine on a TN Visa and I work part-time in New Brunswick to keep my license active in both countries. I am so grateful for my education at Husson and I cannot thank the pharmacy faculty enough for training me and molding me into the pharmacist I am today. After six months of working as a staff pharmacist, my leadership was recognized and I was rewarded with a promotion to pharmacy manager. Because I was given the opportunity to excel and be a leader in Husson’s School of Pharmacy, and was pushed by faculty to operate at my full potential, my new position felt like a natural fit.

Husson was a great choice financially. They offer an affordable education, with plenty of opportunities for scholarships. I was able to use my money even more wisely after graduation and licensing when I started working for Walgreens. When I transfer my paycheck back into my Canadian bank account, I gain 25-30% due to the difference in the Canadian vs US dollar. This allowed me to pay off my student loan debt in eight short months.  I would recommend a similar career path to any Canadian seeking education in the US. I am so grateful for my education at Husson in Maine, for the staff that spent endless hours with me, and to the great friends I made along the way. It was truly an amazing experience and I could not have dreamed of being happier or as successful as I am today. Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way!

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