Daniel Collins

Helen Geng

Richmond Hill High School

Richmond Hill, ON

It is my pleasure to nominate Daniel Collins for the Trevor H. Shirtliff Difference Maker Scholarship. I have known Daniel since 2019 in the capacity of Music Teacher and Guidance Counsellor.

As President of Richmond Hill High School's show choir (Vocal Fusion) and Vice-President of our school's Music Council, Daniel is able to lead others, especially younger students, through events and learning opportunities. For instance, Daniel supports his peers by leading Vocal Fusion when the teacher is absent. Furthermore, Daniel is also one of the student leaders of Brass Ensemble, and assists with selecting repertoire, conducting rehearsals, and planning performances. During his years on Music Council, Daniel has planned concerts, music banquets, house events, the Richmond Hill Band Workshop (which saw the participation of 300 students from our partner elementary schools), and much more.

Through his commitment to the music department, Daniel consistently betters himself by interacting with a diversity of people and by demonstrating good time management skills. He consistently contributes to a positive department atmosphere by planning and implementing events with Music Council. After years of disruptions and online music due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Daniel has shown resilience by working with Music Council to bring new students into the fold; he supports his peers in finding a sense of belonging. When he teaches euphonium to younger students and volunteers with our grade 9 and grade 10 Repertoire Bands, Daniel uses patience and humour to connect with his peers. Moreover, as a member of the Toronto Youth Wind Orchestra (a community ensemble for advanced high school and university students) since 2019, Daniel shows initiative while improving his own musicianship.

Outside of school, Daniel has been teaching ice skating for 3 years with the City of Richmond Hill, thereby illustrating his well-rounded interests in music and athletics. In 2018, Daniel volunteered with an organization teaching hockey to students with autism, thus demonstrating his ability to work with vulnerable populations. Daniel contributes to both our school and Richmond Hill communities by engaging in constant self-reflection and improvement, and by encouraging his peers to do the same.

Daniel has excelled in courses in the Music Department, earning a 95% in Grade 12 Vocal Music and 97 in Grade 12 Instrumental Music. Furthermore, Daniel's strengths in academics extends to other departments as well, currently earning a 94% in Grade 12 AP English and a 96% in Grade 12 International Business. In addition to his commitment to music, Daniel is also honing his creativity by producing music on his own time with his peers. Next year, Daniel plans to continue to positively impact the community by studying Music Education at the University of Toronto, and one day becoming a music teacher himself.

I strongly recommend Daniel Collins for the Trevor H. Shirtiff Difference Maker Scholarship and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.