Ecem Heywood

Ally Read

Armbrae Academy

Halifax, NS

Ecem Heywood is an incredible person. She has harnessed her abilities and interpersonal skills to create positive ripples in her school and community. Ecem possesses a true enthusiasm for learning and demonstrates steadfast integrity in all of her actions. Her aptitude is exemplary across disciplines, however she has a deep, long standing passion for STEAM and has demonstrated this through her personal involvement in a large number of workshops and events to further her interests. Ecem also inspires and encourages others to pursue STEAM both in and out of the classroom. She has made a difference by encouraging younger students to get involved and follow their passions. Ecem has volunteered with our school's summer camp program, organized robotics workshops for elementary students and designed a STEAM panel for high school students about the interdisciplinary fields and pathways that are available for everyone to explore for postsecondary education.

When an opportunity arises for enrichment or voluntary participation, Ecem is the first student to be on board. Ecem has also established herself as an effective and relatable role model to younger generations. Through her initiatives, many younger students have been inspired to begin or further their pursuit of robotics, creative problem solving, and the sciences. I have regularly witnessed students approaching Ecem to ask questions about her experience and seek her advice on their own journeys. In addition to her extensive contributions to school programs, Ecem demonstrates exemplary leadership in her positive demeanor, commitment to excellence and sincere consideration of not only her friends and peers but of every member of our school community. Ecem is self-motivated, creative and easy to get along with in addition to being a respectful, intelligent, and compassionate leader.