Elizabeth Anne Beaton

Tim Wright

Woodstock High School

Woodstock, NB

It is with extreme pleasure that I am writing this letter of reference for Elizabeth Beaton for the Trevor H Shirtliff Difference Maker Scholarship from Woodstock High School. Since being the guidance counselor at Woodstock High School I have noticed that Elizabeth has several admirable characteristics that would benefit any university. More specifically, her high academic achievement, leadership skills and volunteer experience. Elizabeth has consistently displayed high academic performance since being at Woodstock High School. She has been on the principal’s list with a 97.2 average demonstrating her capabilities and potential. Elizabeth is well versed in both mathematics, science and the humanities. Her high level of academic performance will serve Elizabeth well in her pursuit to study sciences at the University of New Brunswick next fall.

Elizabeth has prepared for her future and is extremely mature for her age and will be extremely successful in whatever academic road she pursues. Elizabeth has also been a major leader at Woodstock High School spending a tremendous amount of time creating a positive environment for the student body. Some of the specific activities Elizabeth has completed for the school involves being part of the school eadership committee. This group has organized food drives for the school, and has created many positive experiences for the students. Elizabeth was also a member of the school safegrad and yearbook committee. She is also very active in her church where Elizabeth has completed youth missions to Toronto. She has most recently been involved with Families helping Families where Elizabeth has delivered food to the elderly during the Covid-19 crisis. I have been extremely impressed with how Elizabeth has given back to her school, and community while maintaining academic excellence.

Extra-Curricular activities are also a passion that Elizabeth has displayed since attending Woodstock High School. She has been part pf several school clubs throughout her high school career. For instance, Elizabeth has been a member of the high school basketball teams, track and field teams, Teens Against Drinking and Driving committee, and volunteered at the elementary school community and high school events. In summary, Elizabeth would be a tremendous individual to be awarded the Trevor H. Shirtliff Difference Maker Scholarship. She displays tremendous character and leadership ability.