Johanna Turton

Julie Mireault-Wiseman

Bay View High School

Upper Tantallon, NS

Johanna Turton has been helping others in so many ways and for a long time already. Since 2018, she has been an active member of student government. She was part of the ProKids fundraiser, a local sport support charity, where four other people and her raised almost $500 as well as exposed children to a variety of extracurricular.

Johanna is an excellent student. She has an average of 98% and takes on the challenges of advanced courses. She shares her knowledge and love of learning by being a peer tutor during our lunch time. Johanna is a very active and talented hockey player. She has played for the past seven years and has now reached the highest level: U18 AAA level. Her leadership skills shine as well on the ice as she has been co-captain on one team and captain twice. She has coached soccer for three years and hockey for two years.

Due to her great time management skills, she has two jobs. She works at Montana ' s. She has also been working at Dalhousie University Medical School since the fall of 2020 as a simulated patient and support staff for multiple high stakes medical exams. People have commented how mature she is and that she shows great initiative and leadership in her work.

Johanna ' s drive, integrity, and maturity are what defines her. She knows that being an active member of a community is essential in making it a better place. This is why she makes it a priority to try and give back.

The Bay View High School Scholarship committee is highly recommending Johanna Turton for the Trevor H. Shirtliff Difference maker Scholarship. She has made so many positive impacts in the classroom, school, community, and on the ice.