Julia Murphy

Jelena Radic

Lord Byng Secondary School

Vancouver, BC

Julia Murphy is an exemplary student leader. She radiates a contagious positivity, balanced with respect and thoughtfulness, inspiring her peers and impressing her teachers. Julia is open-minded, well-organized, and always considers different perspectives when managing school teams and events.

In her grade 11 year, our school awarded Julia the “Senior Leadership Award” for her contributions and commitment to making positive change in our students’ experiences and attitudes. As a Leadership student in grades 11 and 12, Julia has enthusiastically taken on roles and responsibilities to assist with school sports, camps, and events. Julia has managed and coached grade 8 and 10 volleyball teams, and she has trained and mentored student volunteers to be scorekeepers during basketball season. As a Byng Ambassador, Julia volunteers to welcome students new to our school by showing them around and answering any questions they might have. Julia has also been elected Grad Committee President by her peers. She is liasing with parents, teachers, and her peers to coordinate fundraising and spirit days throughout the year, as well as grad events in the spring.

As a Peer Counsellor in grade 12, Julia is engaging and connecting with grade 8 students daily; listening, supporting, and encouraging them as they navigate their first year in high school. Julia has been tasked with dividing our 230 grade 8 students into cohesive cabin groups, and thoughtfully assigning each group to grade 12 Peer Counsellors. In doing so, she has shown an excellent understanding of student needs and personalities. In preparation for our grade 8 camp, Julia planned the campfire activities, including actions songs and guitar sing-alongs. She ensured all the grade 12 leaders had the lyrics, actions and chords in advance, then led a successfully entertaining campfire sing along with our grade 8s.

When Julia bounces into a room, her beaming smile opens your heart and her enthusiasm makes you believe anything is possible.