Kesaly Von Kuster

Stephen Lush

Bentley High School

Bentley, AB

I am pleased to write this reference on behalf of Ms. Kesaly Von Kuster. I have known Kesaly for close to seventeen years as she was a student of mine in several courses and I coached her in cross country, basketball, handball and track and field. Kesaly is a very academic student and does very well in all her courses, demonstrating a capacity for reflection while maintaining extremely high standards in all her course work.

About Kesaly’s character, Kesaly both comprehends and realizes the necessity of developing and maintaining extremely high moral standards. Kesaly’s language skills are exceptional, and I have found her to be honest and passionate about anything she believes in. She has shown that she can work extremely well independently and in collaboration with peers. Kesaly has developed strategies to deal with situations when under stress. Kesaly could be counted on to assist other students when called upon and did this with confidence. Kesaly is a dedicated student, responsible and very organized. Throughout the time I have known Kesaly I have noticed that she has continued to improve her reflective thinking abilities, which in turn has led to her being able to construct a relevant, dynamic outlook for her future career.

Overall, I feel Kesaly is ready to take the next step in her career choice and that this career would continue to help her find her path in life. I am convinced she will achieve the expectations set out by any organization.

Kesaly freely gives up her time to tutor junior high math students every day and tutors high school physics. Kesaly participates and has been the captain of her Volleyball, Cross Country running, Basketball, Team Handball, Badminton and Track and Field teams.

Kesaly will ask each day if there is anything that she can help with while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. This young lady is the first student teachers turn to for assistance and know they can count on her. If she cannot help, she apologizes and says, "i so wish I could help you." I have never in my twenty-five years as an educator met a student that thanks you for teaching them at the end of each class. She is one of the kindest and most caring people I have ever met in my many years of teaching. This young lady deserves this award because of who she is and the way she leads her daily life.