Lisa Zhu

Erika KirkJanine Lane

Richmond Hill High School

Richmond Hill, ON

As a multipotentialite with many interests, Lisa is excited about diving into new challenges and learning more about the world around her. In the past year, she set a personal goal to not only perform well academically but also to expand her knowledge in biology and medicine. Both of her objectives were achieved by maintaining a consistent study schedule and staying curious. She made a study schedule that she can follow through with, based on her previous experience. Despite the increased workload, it helped her maintain her academic performance and invest time into studying biology and medicine. Additionally, curiosity motivated her to invest time into something she is interested in. It helped a lot in expanding her knowledge of biology and medicine. She wanted to expand her knowledge in biology because it is fascinating and applicable in real life and medicine. It is important to her as she is interested in pursuing a field in medicine. It had a significant impact this year in biology because she was familiar with some of the concepts. More importantly, it helped her family as she was able to explain PCR testing on the genetic level, helping them better understand its procedures and relevance to COVID-19. Consistent learning has helped her become a better version of herself and make a positive impact on those around her.

Throughout her academic career, she has helped friends, classmates, and students outside of school in a variety of subject areas including mathematics, sciences, and business. The most recent example was when she had helped a friend study for their upcoming trigonometry test on proving trigonometric identities. Her main goal was to help them prepare for their test and clarify any questions they had. She started by asking what questions they had, explained concepts in detail, and worked through practice questions with them. While she cannot guarantee that they will perform well on the test, she can say that they were in a much better position than they had been before. A few days after the trigonometric test, they had come back to let her know they achieved a 95% and were thankful for the help they received. She was truly happy that she was able to help them out. A couple of days later, they had helped her study for an upcoming biology test by answering her questions. Helping them study for their math test had not only evoked happiness, but it has made their friendship stronger and built strong networking skills.