Michaela Segreto

Kirsten Toole

Ladysmith Secondary School

Ladysmith, BC

It is with great pleasure to be a letter of reference for Michaela Segreto. Since her first year at Ladysmith Secondary, Michaela's enthusiastic leadership has helped to create a strong and caring school community. This is most evident in her leadership in Student Council, Interact Club and Preforming Arts.

Michaela has been a member of Student Council from 2017-2021, since joining student counsil ,Michaela held roles in the executive including Student Council Vice-President in 2019-2020 and Student Council President in 2020-2021. In these roles, she has planned, organized, and led various school events and fundraisers. Her strong organizational skills and accomplished work ethic were most prevalent in her ability to chair meetings, assign roles and implement school events, assemblies and fundraisers. Furthermore, she has show considerable flexibility and creativity as Student Council continued to plan socially distanced and virtual events through the 2020-2021 school year. Michaela’s leadership has allowed students to experience fun and normalcy during these unprecedented times. https://sites.google.com/learn68.ca/lssstudentcouncil/home

Michaela is also an active member in the school's Performing Arts program including Choir, Jazz Band, Musical Theatre, and Improvisation program. Through the performing arts, she has represented our school in competitions and spring musicals. Michaela demonstrates the drive and commitment necessary for success in dramatic, as well as, other ventures. She has developed rich abilities in collaboration, leadership, and relational accountability. Her strength in performing arts helped to lead her Improv team to National Finals in the Canadian Improv Games.

Michaela has maintained an active role in her school community throughout high school and has taken on several leadership roles while attending Ladysmith Secondary. Her encouraging attitude and enthusiasm makes her a positive role model to our Junior students and her innovation and passion has made her a leader in our school and community.