Rosalba Sgambelluri

Mark De Cicco

Christ the King Catholic Secondary School

Georgetown, ON

Rosalba has demonstrated all the qualities, skills and personality traits that define what a great student (and leader) should be. First off, she is always a positive yet strong influencer towards the people around her, and quite often motivates her peers into working on their assigned tasks at hand to the best of their abilities. At times, she has shown a fiery passion towards material that she finds interesting and exciting. This does not just stem within the classroom alone. She has modelled these qualities of passion, integrity, and high-spiritedness to the extracurricular and community activities she participates in.

Speaking of leadership and co-curricular activities, Rosalba has set a standard of excellence here at Christ the King that will be very hard to match (please see below). When it comes to school achievements, Rosalba has been on the honour roll every year. Her teachers remark on her being remarkably punctual when engaging in class activities and discussions, and in most cases, leads in those discussions and debates when they take place. In fact, when Rosalba speaks in class, students take notice. She has one of the sharpest critical thinking minds I have had the privilege of educating and coaching in my 13 years of teaching.

Her greatest strength is her work-ethic. Whether it be through her activities, or her subjects, she works diligently on everything she completes, and always stays on task. Moreover, she goes above and beyond her capability when submitting anything. Her mastery of time-management allows her the luxury of spending extra time towards editing and perfecting the things she submits or organizes.