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Canada’s Outstanding Counsellor Award

Canadian School Counsellor Magazine is proud to announce the Outstanding Counsellor Award in recognition of the high school guidance counsellors who are the powerful influencers with today’s youth. This award will go to the counsellor who goes above and beyond, demonstrating the utmost commitment to guide students through their social and academic obstacles while assisting them to achieve their post-high school goals. This scholarship is awarded in the memory of the founder of Canadian School Counsellor Magazine, Trevor H. Shirtliff.

Trevor believed that high school guidance counsellors played an essential role with today’s youth; they would be the mentors to closely direct the next generation of leaders. Trevor’s dream was to equip Canada’s high school guidance counsellors with the resources and tools they needed to guide youth in a direction that would help them to achieve their full potential. From this dream, Canadian School Counsellor Magazine was launched. More than 10 years later, we continue to provide those counsellors with the valuable resources they need help shape the future for today’s youth.

The Trevor H. Shirtliff Award may be any high school guidance counsellor in Canada who has made significant contributions to the implementation or improvements to their schools counselling programs and who continues to go above and beyond to have a positive impact on today’s youth.

Canadian School Counsellor Magazine would like to thank and acknowledge the work, dedication, and quality of service that all of Canada’s high school guidance counsellors provide for their students and their families.

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By Canadian School Counsellor