Tisha Punn

Anthea Rippen

Regent Christian Academy

Surrey, BC

I have known Tisha Punn as a student for 3 years. During this time, I have witnessed her develop into a mature, hardworking, focused Grade 12 student. Some of the words that come to mind when I think of Tisha are: Compassionate, creative, kind, motivated, and committed. Tisha has her heart set on a career in medicine, but regardless of where her educational path takes her, I know that Tisha is determined to impact the world in a positive way.

Some of the ways I have seen her demonstrate her passion and commitment as a student are her participation in Model UN, volunteering for the International Ambassador program, and taking the initiative to create our Community Service Club. Tisha now serves as Chair of the Model UN where she demonstrates her capacity for leadership. Our school's International Ambassador program is one where we partner with international students and help make them feel welcome in our country and become oriented to life as a student at RCA. These students have benefited from Tisha's kind heart and commitment to creating a compassionate environment. Finally, of her own volition, Tisha petitioned our administrators to allow her to begin a Community Service Club. She and other student leaders work together with the support of a teacher to participate in a monthly service activity benefiting our local community. It has been fantastic to see students becoming more aware and involved in the needs of those directly around them.

Outside of her involvement in school activities, Tisha has also participated in volunteering and organizing events for her church. Such activities have included writing letters for Amnesty International, fundraising for a Lupus organization, leading out in a kids' summer camp, working in the church nursery, and volunteering for 3 years annually in the “Night to Shine” event which provides youth with disabilities to participate in a Prom night.