Tyrell Beckman

Kristi Peters

Springs Christian Academy

Winnipeg, MB

Tyrell is in Grade 12 this year. He excels in academics and is a fierce leader of our school as he now serves as president of our Student Council. Tyrell runs all the council meetings, gets all the activities approved, organizes all the activities, and makes sure that all the council departments are running smoothly. He dedicates many outside school hours to work on council duties. Tyrell served two years previously on council in his role of treasurer. He spent numerous hours outside the council classroom to fulfill his role as treasurer. He worked tirelessly at lunches and after school and he was instrumental in creating the council's first accounting team. In fact, he created a worksheet for the accounting team that would help them organize and count money from all of the council fundraisers. He is always looking for better ways to do things and better ways to serve our student population. He is a giver of his time and is a relational leader. Last year on his spare from school, he took it upon himself to come to my Grade 7 and 8 Low Organized Class, so he could participate and get to know the students better. Tyrell also serves as as a singer on our Praise and Worship team and he often leads the school in prayer before our chapel message. He is a real encourager to all our pupils. Over the past three years, Tyrell was activiely involved in our Youth Parliament sessions. This year, he is a ministry leader where he is in charge of building his team and writing the bill documents. Again, he will spend countless hours working on the bill documents because he always strives for excellence in whatever he does. He definitely puts others first! Besides his academics, Tyrell is on several of our sporting teams. He is such a wonderful role model and cheerleader for our school. He enriches the lives of everyone that he meets because of his positive outlook in life.