Veronika Copping

Carmen Meier

Surrey Christian School

Surrey, BC

Veronika has a very diverse academic record as she came to SCS from a distance learning (homeschool) program and as a fulltime student here, she has also maintained her online course involvement. This has resulted in a rich and diverse educational experience. Veronika is also the first student to take the initiative and add a college course to her transcript by applying last semester as a concurrent student to Kwantlen Polytechnic University. She took an intro political science class and finished as well with a solid A in the course.

In the two years that Veronika has been at our school, she has maintained a very high grade point average and is ranked at the top of her class. Her academic load consists of mostly arts and social science courses and she is keen to pursue either political science or psychology (or both!) at a post-secondary school in Canada. Veronika has achieved this academic success in spite of complex mental health complications including vision loss. Veronika has shared often about her struggles in an effort to encourage others to accomplish their goals as well.

What is particularly remarkable about Veronika is her extracurricular involvement for the City of Surrey. She is the most community minded student that I have advised and continues to involve herself in all kinds of leadership opportunities both on and off campus. She has vast experience with the youth leadership programing as well as 4H initiatives. As well, she is doing all that she can to be involved in service opportunities as a leadership student and on grad council.