Ava Christoffel

Deanna Cook

Harvest City Christian Academy

Regina, SK

Ava is a grade twelve student who is actively involved in our school, her church, and the larger community. This year, Ava is a co-president for our Student Leadership Council. As a K-12 school, the SLC organizes events for both our high school and the elementary school trying to re-establish community now that Covid restrictions have been lifted. For the last two years, Ava oversaw the fundraising committee which organized the canteens, menchie sales, and Reaper clothing sales. This year, as president will over see the larger events like our recent Truth and Reconciliation Assembly, Remembrance Day service, Pink Shirt day for anti-bullying, the Spring Formal and many pep rallies, coffee houses and spirit days. This last June-July, Ava participated in a service project in Uganda. They did service projects in many community schools and villages within Uganda during those ten days. This trip was very meaningful to Ava, allowing her to experience cultural events and see how poverty impacts a community. One of those local community impacts that Ava initiated is starting Posy Paks. This initiative provides hygiene packages with period necessitates to community organizations like Sofia House Regina (a women's shelter) and City Kidz Regina. Monthly, we collect resources like tampons, sanitary pads, deodorants, and other toiletries to drop off at the shelters.