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The Magazine

National distribution: 3,600 print and 6,000 electronic copies

Canadian School Counsellor is the only national magazine created specifically for high school guidance counsellors in Canada. The magazine is nationally distributed to all 3,600 high schools across the country at key times during the school year: February, May, September and November.

Bilingual content

Spanning the nation, reaching an audience of both English and French readers, each issue of Canadian School Counsellor publishes bilingual content which is reflected in its translation of the cover story and secondary editorial features.

Targeted readership

Our readership is 100% qualified. Each issue of both our print and digital magazines are sent directly to the most current listing of school guidance and career counsellors – our mailing list is internally monitored and regularly maintained to ensure its accuracy.

Newsstand quality design / must-read content

Between the covers of this award winning magazine you’ll find high quality editorial tailored to the reader’s professional needs – advising students of post secondary requirements and how to gain access to the financial assistance available to make enrollment possible – two of the most prominent concerns among today’s high school students, we’ve got it covered. From the latest developments in their field, to one-on-one interviews with renowned experts, along with the most recent updates on today’s trending topics, all content is designed to engage and inform today’s high school guidance counsellors.

Maximum value exposure

Canadian School Counsellor magazine maximizes your advertising dollars as it is the only publication of its type that specifically targets high school and career counsellors in Canada. There are several regional school counsellor magazines, and most include distribution to guidance counsellors at all levels - elementary, junior and senior high schools. Canadian School Counsellor is the only national magazine that is received exclusively by those professionals who are counselling today’s high school students and providing them with direction in regards to their career and post-secondary education options.

Environmentally conscious

Canadian School Counsellor magazine is published using state of the art environmentally sound production processes and prints on certified recycled paper. Each issue of the magazine is replicated in a fully interactive, digital format which is distributed to an audience of career services professionals across Canada.