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National distribution: more than 7,000

Education for Employment / l’Éducation pour l’emploi is a tri-annual publication produced in collaboration with Colleges & Institutes Canada. This magazine is published with the well respected Canadian School Counsellor magazine and is direct-mailed to virtually every high school counsellor across Canada. A secondary stand alone title of Education For Employment is received by an additional 2500 career service professionals working within organizations such as Service Canada, transition and immigration centres along with employment agencies.

Education For Employment is posted online and offers to qualified subscribers fully interactive digital format. This provides tremendous exposure to very targeted demographic - an audience of individuals that influence decisions of both high school and mature students who are seeking direction regarding post-secondary options in an attempt to gain employment.

Copies of Education for Employment / L’Éducation pour l’emploi are also made available by CICan at various events throughout the year, wherever possible. It is also hosted as a resource on the CICan website.

Bllingual Features

Spanning the nation and reaching an audience of English and French readers, Education for Employment / L’Éducation pour l’emploi will highlight the benefits and distinct advantages offered by CICan members in both official languages. It is also hosted as a resource on the CICan website.