Ava Woodard

Joy Barnaby

Craig Kielburger Secondary School

Milton, ON

Ava is an exceptional young person in all areas - community, leadership, academics. She has been an active member of Craig Kielburger's Student Council since grade 9. Last year she acted as Cultural and Equity Executive where she worked hard to celebrate the diversity within our school. She was responsible for creating the Truth and Reconciliation slideshow that was shown throughout our entire school last year. She has a vested interest in the FNIM realities and the need for change. She also created many educational posts for the social media accounts which worked to recognize and honour our rich diverse student body. This year, Ava was awarded the role of Student Council President. She has been incredible. She is organized, thoughtful and inspiring. She has led a wonderful group of young people to help create a welcoming and warm school community. She does all of this while balancing her own academics. She is on the honour role each year with an above 95% average. She excels when things get hard and busy.

Ava finds time to help those around her face struggles head on and rise above any issues that may arise. She is always thinking of others and takes time to ensure that those around her feel safe and heard.

Ava's English teacher says that she is "an excellent public speaker and her writing level exceeds expectations. She is actively involved in the school community and puts effort into building lasting relationships. She is always respectful and participates regularly in class discussion. Most importantly, she ensures that the classroom is a brave space!"

With this information, I have the pleasure in nominating Ava Woodard for the Trevor Shirtliff award.