Cade Chanyi

Ms. Walmark

Mentor College

Mississauga, ON

Cade is a well-rounded student who is very involved in the local and school community. In terms of athletics, he has participated on our school hockey and cricket teams, and he also plays league hockey in Mississauga in the GTA. On the academic side, he has joined our Computer Science Club, and he is an executive member of our Engineering Club, a position which offers him the opportunity to lead a group of 20 students in various projects and initiatives. He also balances these commitments (and academic demands) with a part-time job.

Cade's most significant impact as a "difference-maker" comes from the non-profit charity he has founded: ( To support the Canadian government's immigration plan to grow the economy with a million new Canadians, and to assist these families as they adjust to life in Canada, Cade led a Back-To-School supplies drive in September 2023. He was able to donate backpacks, paper, binders and dictionaries to the Peel Adult Education Centre so that new immigrant children could start the school year with confidence. At present, he is also leading a group of 4 volunteers in a donation drive for hockey equipment and figure skates, in order to help new immigrant children embrace life in Canada (and winter!) with the sports we love. These projects demonstrate Cade's creativity and dedication, as well as his honest kindness and empathy, qualities which can be rare in a high school student and which are therefore important to recognize.