Chloe Rose Johnson

Nancy Amero

Boyle School

Boyle, AB

Chloe Johnson is a remarkable Grade 12 student that I have come to know and am thrilled to be nominating for this scholarship. Chloe is always diligently trying to improve and strengthen the quality of life for herself, her peers in Boyle School and the small communities that she grew up in around her. Chloe has been accepted to attend Lakeland College and plans to study Environmental Science with a major in Fish and Wildlife. This decision was fueled by her love for the outdoors and a passion to contribute to environmental preservation in the world around us. Chloe has a big heart and has always been willing to help the people in her community. She can often be found volunteering to look after neighbors farm animals and pets while they are away or helping to move furniture, which exemplifies her kind heartedness and compassion for others. For over ten years now Chloe has volunteered in community events in the Atmore and Grassland community. (These are two small communities located just north of the Village of Boyle and near where Chloe lives). Community events included set up and tear down at community dances, horn scoring and an annual Hoof-athon which Chloe has been a part of for the last 10 years. (The hoof-athon is a trail ride fundraiser to raise money for the Mazankowski Heart Institute in Edmonton). In her school community Chloe has been identified by her carpentry shop teacher as an outstanding and talented student and helper. Chloe has created many unique and detailed projects from wood and is always helping other students with their projects, offering her imaginative ideas for layout, design and then actually helping the students complete the projects. Her teacher said Chloe was an invaluable asset to have in his carpentry classes and she will be missed. I’m hoping you will agree with me that Chloe is most deserving of this award!

Volunteer initiatives: helping out at many community activities (dances, trail rides , horn scoring etc.), helping neighbors look after farm animals and pets, helping people move, volunteering in her shop class at school to help other students with project ideas and completion. Chloe is an academic student who takes her studies seriously and has a passion for improving the natural environment around her. While in high school Chloe has managed to complete her Green Certificate Equine Technician certification, a challenging program sponsored by Alberta Agriculture. Coming from a very small town, Chloe has managed to display big accomplishments!