Chloe Wallace

Jon Gorman

Huron Heights Secondary School

Newmarket, ON

I wish to nominate Chloe Wallace, a grade 12 student at Huron Heights S.S. for her outstanding efforts at school, within her community and towards herself. Chloe is a student that I would describe as resilient, outgoing, perseverant and one who demands advocacy for herself and others. Chloe was born with a hearing impairment in her left ear. Chloe never allowed this disability to dissuade her learning. Rather she accepted the challenge and climbed the mountain to her dreams. Chloe not only dealt with the loss of hearing, but also overcame several learning disabilities. Such as, memory and processing speed is slow, phonological and reading skills are weak, expressive vocabulary, auditory and phonological memory, executive functioning is low. These hurdles pushed Chloe to demonstrate a great sense of integrity and leadership within our school and community. At a young age, Chloe began volunteering her time at a local barn where she learned to care for horses, clean stalls, run camps for children and maintain safety for all. Here Chloe led other children through diligent programming in operating a successful barn. Chloe demonstrated leadership by volunteering her summers, holidays and her weekends to help run programs that brought joy to so many children, some of whom were underprivileged and/or were struggling with a disability similar to their own. She worked very hard at learning all of the rules and procedures at the barn so that she could deliver a fun, exciting and safe experience for the children. Chloe brought that same energy to her education. Reading was difficult for her but by the time she reached grade 9, Chloe had taught herself enough to maintain honours credentials throughout high school. Chloe was a part of the “Peace Club '' whose motto was to give back to those in need, at school and in our community. For example; as a leader within our school, she set up a successful flag football fundraising event to raise money to provide feminine products. She arranged for players, cheerleaders, referees and students to participate in the event. She has also taken the initiative to raise funds for food donations, gathering clothes, and organized other events that gave back to the community. I think that Chloe is a great candidate for your Trevor H. Shirtliff Difference Maker Scholarship.