Dalton Bonertz

Christina Bazell

Matthew Halton

Pincher Creek, AB

Dalton is one of the most dedicated students that I have had the pleasure to work with. This young man is actively involved in both the school and community. Dalton is a champion for the environment and social change. He is always ready to help and provide mentorship both at school and in the community. Academically, Dalton has been an honour roll student for the last 7 years. He has received the Matthew Halton Digital Media award, the last two years as well as the Shop student award in 2018. At the school level, he engages in organizing student events that build inclusion and improve student life. Dalton was elected by his peers as representative on the Regional Council of Student Leaders where he created positive experiences for students in the division.Dalton has an excellent reputation in the community, awarded Employee of the year, 2021, Pincher Creek Chamber of Commerce. As a champion for the environment, Dalton has participated in youth conferences and summits, including the Alberta Youth Leaders for Environmental Education Provincial environmental education advocacy group. He has participated in creating a white paper asking Alberta government to increase environmental education.As the President of Trail breakers, Dalton has shared his experiences and developed his social entrepreneurship by starting a community based maker center, running renewables workshops and performing energy audits on local buildings. He loves working on projects and finding creative ways to solve problems. He shares his ideas, creations and collaborates with students and community members to work on finding the best solutions to problems and explore all the options.