Ethan Mask

Carrie Sweeney

Madawaska Valley District High School

Barry's Bay, ON

Thank you for this opportunity to nominate Ethan Mask for the Trevor H. Shirtliff Difference Maker Scholarship. Ethan is a current Grade 12 student who will be graduating in June and proceeding on to Carleton University for Social Work / Psychology.

Ethan is a leader in our school community who heads our Athletics Council and is an athlete on many teams. He organizes and runs student activities, including lunch tournaments and activities after school. This year Ethan has consistently been a student mentor for our Community Sports Camps, working with elementary students to develop athletic skills and love of sports. He was on Student Council for 2 years prior to this year as well.

Ethan perseveres in making things happen in the true spirit of leadership and community-building. He is maintaining a strong academic record. He is completing a co-op placement assisting our non-credit-earning Life Skills class students in their learning and achievement. Ethan has been a strong presence in our Athletics organization and even when unable to participate himself due to injury and resulting physical limitations, he did what he could to support organization and carry out events for his peers to enjoy.

Ethan is a positive difference maker in our school community. We look forward to seeing how he will use his skills in his post-secondary education and future career in helping others.