Gabriella Pizzonia

Tania Carducci

Father John Redmond C.S.S.

Etobicoke, ON

It is with honour and great pleasure that I provide this reference on behalf of Gabriella Pizzonia. I truly believe that this incredible young woman is an ideal candidate for the Trevor H. Shirtliff Scholarship. I have known Gabriella as her guidance counsellor at Father John Redmond C.S.S. Gabriella is highly involved in the school community. She is a member of the Student Leadership Team, The Debate Team, and the Key Club. Gabriella is an extremely unique individual that possesses many talents and demonstrates excellence in the areas of leadership, commitment, dedication, and academics.

This year, the Student Leadership Team hosted an anti-bullying campaign. Gabriella was as integral part of impactful initiatives during the campaign. This included personal hand written notes distributed to each student in the school community. These notes shared positive messages that celebrated kindness demonstrated empathy to others. Gabriella constantly strives to make a positive difference in the lives of those directly around her and within her own community. She is a young woman who holds strong morals and values in high regard and it is within her very own character to genuinely show empathy and sympathize with others. It is the active involvement of students such as Gabriella that not only makes a difference in our school but also works for the betterment of the larger community.