Gabrielle Vadnais

Elli Hansen

Vegreville Composite High School

Vegreville, AB

For Leadership,

  • I am the President of the Rotary Interact Club.
  • I am required to organize meetings, update and involve everyone in the group, set up volunteering and fundraising events, communicate with group members and volunteering coordinators, etc. I have been the president of the Rotary Club for two years since fall 2019.
  • I have been captain of my soccer team in previous years where I’m required to help my teammates on and off the field, set up activities for practices and games, and mentor younger players at soccer camps.
  • In school I have helped many classmates with courses they struggle in and have also tutored some elementary students.

Volunteering has benefited my community in the following ways,

  • Highway cleanups help keep our roads and environment clean and safe, preventing animals from eating hard to digest garbage.
  • Volunteering at community events helps the coordinators have an easier time by providing them with more help and allowing them to have more activities going. It also benefits the people who attend the events because they have a great time with family and friends and the money they spend goes back to our community so we can continue having special events.
  • Volunteering at the food bank means one more hand preparing food and necessities for local families in need.
  • The bottle drives, spaghetti suppers and other fundraisers our group volunteers for, helps raise money so we can send playground equipment down to Belize where we build it at a school for the elementary children.

How my leadership skills benefit my school and community,

  • As my leadership skills grow, it allows me to handle more responsibility and reassure those I work with that I am reliable and will get the job done. At my school, the teachers appreciate that I am able to assist struggling students when they are unable to during class.
  • Being a strong leader really helps when trying to help my group get organized and make events happen. Coordinators I volunteer for in the community are thankful I can ensure the activities I’m helping with run smoothly and those who do my activity enjoy their time.

With the Rotary Interact Group I am a part of I have volunteered at the following events,

  • Reindeer Lane
  • Family Day Events
  • Highway Cleanups
  • Haunted Hike
  • Seniors Homes
  • Youth Weekends
  • Bottle Drives
  • Christmas Light-up Parade
  • Building a community greenhouse
  • Lobster Fest
  • Foodbank (I work there 1-2 times a month)
  • Christmas Bureau
  • Spaghetti Suppers

With sports teams and school,

  • Bottle Drives
  • Highway Cleanups
  • Pancake Breakfast
  • Steak Supper