Janessa Hintz

Duncan White

Kildonan East Collegiate

Winnipeg, MB

Janessa is a student who actively seeks to make a difference in her life, the lives of those around her, and more ambitiously on a wider scale. She has been involved with the Holy Redeemer Church Youth group for a couple of years, volunteering with her church community, and has since developed a broad influence in our school. Janessa has maintained a consistently high level of academic achievement in her time at Kildonan East Collegiate (KEC) - even with the travails of Covid-19 she has maintained grades of 89% and higher in every class.

She does not shirk from seeking academic challenge and has the willingness to seek new challenges and educational experiences. With regard to extra-curricular experiences Janessa follows the same philosophy - she single-handedly revived debate club during the worst of the Covid-19 restrictions last year, and was also a crucial member of our GSA, and the student-led mental health group. Most impressive was her willingness to encourage others to become involved in a non-condescending, positive manner. It was largely because of Janessa's efforts that we were be able to run some successful initiatives even online!

Janessa has also been involved in making our school yearbook, as well as with student leadership in KEC. Her character is keenly inquisitive and she is always willing to help others, especially with ELA assignments. Recently Janessa was very helpful when a younger student was injured in an ice related accident - taking time to contact the school to request help from our administration and comforting the student. I've found Janessa to be an open and honest student, who is very willing to self-advocate but also quick to listen and humble and willing to learn.