Kaleah Sawatzky

Amy Hodges

Austin Christian Academy

Austin, MB

Kaleah Sawatzky is a student who strives for excellence while giving back to her community. With a humble spirit, she is active in a multitude of roles, most of which are designed to help her school, church and community. Kaleah continues to prove her ability to carefully participate in, help organize, plan and carry out significant community and school events, including fundraisers, special days, and community wide festivals.

In Austin, Kaleah is well known for her eagerness. Whether it is working at a local cafe, or nannying for her cousins, she is continually going above and beyond to make sure her school, church and community are cared for. After her graduation, Kaleah is planning on attuning post-secondary to become involved with the medical field. Kaleah has made a significant impact on and in her community, she will, without a doubt, do the same upon entering the medical field.

Kaleah has volunteered at numerous organizations, including:

  1. Union Gospel Mission with her youth group where she helped with organizing donations, made used jeans into blankets, and packed Christmas gifts for children.
  2. Manitoba Thresherman's Reunion where Kaleah and her family made authentic Mexican food for the attendees and volunteers.
  3. Mennonite Central Committee where she sorted clothes for others to buy, and raised money for other homeless organizations.