Leah Baker

Erika Kirk

Liverpool Regional High School

Liverpool, NS

Leah Baker is a kind, virtuous and dedicated student who is committed to making LRHS a better place for students, staff and community members. She actively seeks out opportunities to support marginalized members of our school and raise awareness of inequities so that all community members can work towards bettering them.

Leah is very dedicated to her role as a student leader, and this was highlighted in her Student Council President campaign in September 2021 when she spoke about the importance of student mental health and wellness. Leah has followed through on her promise to increase a sense of wellness at LRHS and focused her attention on student centred suggestions to bring about positive change. She is actively involved in Key Club, REP Club (Respect Empathy and Positivity), The Terry Fox Walk, and is an Options and Opportunities Program student who proudly represents the school while on community COOPs.

As one of our Student Council co-presidents, Leah has taken the initiative to make our school more welcoming and safer by writing grants to obtain funds for inclusive wall art that represents the diversity of the population in our school and creating an Elders Space / Cultural Room dedicated to increasing awareness of all cultures represented in our community. She also worked to help retrofit our washrooms to make them feel safer for students. While working on the student washrooms, Leah not only helped paint inspirational messages on stall doors, but she approached myself and administration about further retrofitting our washrooms to be gender neutral for the safety of all students. This demonstrates the kind of forward thinking and inclusive attitude Leah possesses. She also spearheaded a clean air project putting foliage plants in our lobby and shared spaces. All of this is in addition to the “regular” duties a Student Council President would be responsible for, such as delivering cultural programming and student events.