Meleigha Maki

Michael Maki

Armbrae Academy

Halifax, NS

New student to Armbrae this academic year, Meleigha ‘hit the ground running.’ Active leader at her previous school, she did not allow a transition of countries to stop her from personal pursuits. She joined the varisty field hockey team, become editor of the yearbook, volunteered with the Home for Dinner school initiative that creates healthy wholesome meals for community members, and works with the school after school activities to offer clubs and skill development to elementary students. It a culmination of these significant contributions to the school community as well as her acaademic success that lead to the recognition by peers for the school nominated Be Kind, Work Hard award. Academically, Meleigha had previously attended an IB based school Armbrae offers AP curriculum. Wanting to pursue her own interests that were not offered as classes, she sought out enrichments opportunities to enroll in an online AP Psychology course, and has the intent to challenge both AP English Literautre and AP Spanish Language exams this May. An active self-motivate learner who knows what they want and seeks out appropriate areas to promote future opportunities and personal growth. The positive attitude, the infectious laughter that she brings to the Armbrae community each and every day have been an inspiration to younger students and peers. When there is a need for assistance with a school event or simply to offer a helping hand to a classmate that is preparing an assignment, be a listener or offer constructive feedback for a looming presentation Meleigha always makes herself available to assist others before tackling her own responsibilities. She may not hold the role of Prefect, but not all leaders lead from the front. Like wolf pack mentality, Meleigha leads from the back, nudging and gently pushing other forward in pursuit of their own excellence. She has accepted the offer for the Bachelor of Philosophy & Leadership at the University of New Brunswick a program that is dedicated to the development of future change-makers, this is not an interest it is an essential fabric of her very being.

I cannot think of a member that is more deserving of the recognition as the recepient fo the Trevor H Shirtliff Difference Maker Scholarship.