Raad Khan

Karyn Walmark

Mentor College

Mississauga, ON

Raad can be seen as a "difference-maker" in many ways. For example, he has co-founded the non-profit ITG Soccer Academy, which offers free training sessions for local players aged 6-12 at his community park. He is also an executive member of our Athletic Association, which plans and facilitates various fundraisers, pep rallies, and community clean-ups, as well as our end-of-year awards banquet.

Raad's involvement in our school extends beyond athletics. As our HOSA president, he is required to organize weekly training sessions to prepare for the medical studies competition, and he has performed well in these events: he placed 7th nationally in grade 10, and he helped 4 other students qualify for the second round in grade 11.

Raad is also an active contributor of our local community. As the president of the THK Leos (a subsidiary of the Lions Club Organization), he assembled and donated over 60 care packages to homeless shelters in Toronto, and he helped to organize and run a university info panel for high school students. He also volunteers at a retirement home. Finally, as a Shad Canada participant and ambassador, he competed in a design project competition which explored how to improve the well-being of Canadians.

Raad consistently seeks opportunities to make his mark on the world. I therefore encourage you to consider him for this award.