Sara Donaldson

Cynthia Seitz

Dryden High School

Dryden, ON

We would like to nominate Sara for the Canadian School Counsellor Scholarship because she has been a consistently active part in our school environment. She is the Vice President of the Student Council and makes it her priority to advocate for the student body. Under her leadership, we have protected student privacy by ensuring the replacement of missing doors on handicapped stalls, broken locks, and missing shower curtains. Student Council convinced our administration to allow students to use lockers. Currently, Student Council is setting up a clothing donation drive to repurpose and recycle clothing by providing a pick-your-price thrift event to all high school students, targeting individuals who do not have access to new/clean clothing. As Vice-President, a large portion of these initiatives were created, nurtured, and directed by Sara, and she takes great pride in them.

Sara is a highly motivated student. She was awarded the Top Female Student Award in her grade 11 year, 2020-2021, where she achieved a 98.29% average overall. In her current year of study, she has received 100% in 4U Biology, 93% in 4U Advanced Functions, and 98% in 4U Chemistry. In her entire high school career, she has never received below a 92% in a class.

Sara volunteers her lunch hours as a tutor. She has tutored in 3U Functions, 3C English, and 3U Chemistry. Lately, she has been volunteering for Student Success where she tutors multiple students at a time. Once a week, she volunteers as a coach for our local competitive swim team. She has been with this team for nine years, including her years as a swimmer. She has over 300 community involvement hours. She does not have a need to continue volunteering her time, but she always agrees to and has a natural talent and drive to assist people. Sara states that "I enjoy acting as a tutor to students in my school, setting them up for success, and watching the light bulb go off as they begin to understand a topic."