Tayah Perry

Jen Kozma

Gus Wetter School

Castor, AB

Throughout Tayah's time at our school she has exhibited remarkable dedication to both academics and community engagement. In the classroom, she consistently achieves high standards, putting her best effort into every assignment/test/quiz displaying a commitment to her classes. What truly sets Tayah apart, however, is her exceptional leadership and the impact of that both in the school community and beyond. She has taken roles in leading grad meetings, and been a great role model to younger students on the basketball team. In previous semesters Tayah completed work experience assisting some high needs students in our school, displaying a value of compassion in her day to day school life. Tayah also embodies honesty and respect for others in her interactions with both teachers and peers. She truly goes above and beyond in our school. As she approaches the end of her high school journey and prepares for a new chapter in her academic and personal development, I have no doubt that Tayah will continue to shine, positively influencing those around her. Tayah is truly deserving of recognition for her outstanding achievements and contributions.

Outside of school, Tayah participates in extra curricular activities like rugby outside of school, badminton, basketball and volleyball. She puts her all into each and everyone of these activities while still staying on top of her school work. Tayah demonstrates leadership when taking part in these activities as a senior student. She is a positive role model to the younger players, as well willing to meet students after school/during practice to work on their skills. On top of sports, Tayah volunteers her time to a local ranch that runs camps for students. In the summer months she serves as a camp counselor for students of many ages. Here she is a leader for other students, mentoring and guiding the younger campers. Thank you for your consideration of Tayah Perry for this award.